It’s exciting when your company comes out with a new product. But the task of communicating new product information to retail employees can be daunting form both a time and cost standpoint.

Many retailers and retail vendors know that they can increase sell-through by 20% or more by getting the word out on their product early and often. But instead of relying on bulk mailings and in-person training programs to increase product knowledge at the store, many companies are utilizing online retail courses.

Retail Training Services has the solutions you need to get your product launched and selling fast! Productivity can takes a nose dive when your employees are forced to leave the stores and attend training meetings.


One of the best way an organization’s journey into Dynamics 365 land is through resource augmentation. This helps existing in house team from the organization get access to cross-domain experts to solve specific problem. Dynamics Infotech offers Offshore and Onshore Business Resource Outsourcing.

In the Offshore Business Resource Outsourcing, the team will be based out of Dynamics Infotech’s In house’s pool managed by experienced project managers and technical leads. In the Onshore model, a team is deployed in the customer premise.

Dynamics Infotech also offers a hybrid model where a POC sits out of the customer premise while the implementation team is based out of Global Development Centre .

  • Experts to solve specific problems
  • Access to experienced Project Managers and tech leads
  • Domain Experts on Vertical and Horizontal Solutions
  • Short term and long term deployment extended up to 1 year

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