Microsoft Power BI

Every company is generating data at an incredible pace: from customer information, sales and production details, to data on the performance of tools, processes and employees.

But what good is all this information if it sits unused in monstrous, undecipherable spreadsheets that only your most technically-skilled colleagues can interpret?

To make the best business decisions, you and your team need access to the right information at the right time. That’s what Microsoft Power BI is all about.

Self-Service Insights

When Microsoft released Power BI in 2015, the goal was to provide non-technical users with all the tools required to aggregate, analyze, visualize and share data in a fast and intuitive way. Today, it is one of the most widely used self-service business intelligence cloud services for SMEs, and for excellent reasons:

Microsoft Power BI offers numerous attractive advantages for a fair price, and thanks to its ease-of-use, it requires little upfront training. Whether it’s the right tool for your business and how you should set it up, however, depends on the size of your organization, the sector you’re active in, and how business insights are handled today.

  • Centralized marketing information
  • Personalized Customer Communication
  • Lead Scoring Automation
  • Informed marketing decisions

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