Manufacturers are heavily reliant on an effective workflow process to meet the requirements of their clientele, sustain productivity levels, and expand their business. Organizations with manufacturing operations are incessantly looking for various ways to enhance efficiency and streamline their operations.

What is Application Development and Maintenance?

These ways generally include making efforts to improve lead times and quality, boosting productivity, bettering inventory management, and so forth. However, these tasks require effective communication and coordination across all levels and departments of the organization.

Manufacturing firms struggle to effectively manage growing competition, sudden fluctuations in demand, and supply chain related issues if their operations are not synchronized across the board. Several manufacturing organizations have numerous software applications installed in their system for operations management. However, they have to depend on various vendors for different processes in their manufacturing cycle. This is not a financially viable option.

Read on further to find out how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can ameliorate your manufacturing process.

• Streamlines Inventory Management

• Allows You To Prepare Efficiently For Customer Demand

• Efficient Collaboration With Suppliers And Customers

• Enhances Employee Productivity

• Elimination Of Over Processing

• Enhancing Human Resource Operations

• Automation Of Supply Chain

• Enhances Product Quality

Discrete Manufacturing

Increasing customer expectations and the impact of advanced digital technologies are fuelling transformation across all industries especially in the manufacturing sector. The increasing accessibility of digital tools, such as cloud storage, software applications, and IoT sensors, is making it easier to create “smart factories” where devices, assets, and resources from all locations can synchronize together to make the industry more productive and real-time. Transforming operations and improving efficiency is a prime most priority for most manufacturing businesses, especially discrete manufacturers. To build an organization which can truly face an industrial overhaul, the need is to have a robust business management solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 Application which seeks to break down the silos between front- and back-end processes to help manufacturers unify their operations, gain better visibility of their processes, and engage with their customers more efficiently.

Process Manufacturing

Process manufacturing is associated with formulas and manufacturing recipes, in contrast with discrete which uses discrete units, and bills of materials. Process manufacturing is used in manufacturing environments production is completed in batch or semi-continuous processes. Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with an industry specific features for process manufacturers which comprises of manufacturing, stock, formula management and routing functions.

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