A lot goes into successful client-facing projects: finding the right people, managing budgets, and delivering great work on time. Workday Professional Services Automation (PSA) helps you do all of it.

  • Improve productivity, project tracking, and collaboration
  • Manage resources, time, and expenses
  • Maximize project profitability
  • Increase business agility and win more deals

Professional services automation is a full-scale software suite developed to assist specialists in project- and service-oriented businesses, such as IT consulting, computer software, creative agencies, etc.

The primary purpose of PSA software is to get data into perspective and provide executives with one real-time truth of the whole business, so they can scale and reach a higher level of sustainability. This is achieved by developing a variety of useful metrics across the entire business to evaluate basic business processes.

To record solid actionable data, typical PSA functions combine work automation, project management, resource management, time tracking, finance & billing, team collaboration, and reporting. The metrics might include, but are not limited to billable and non-billable utilization, actual vs. planned revenue, cost, and profit, project margins, etc., which provide insights that can be used to optimize processes and push the envelope.

Ultimately, keeping everything available and connected in one place, PSA software allows for more swift and intelligent operations. To get even further in improving the efficiency of your operations, it usually integrates with accounting systems, like Quickbooks and e-conomic, or beloved project management systems, like Jira, giving you the opportunity to connect disparate systems together and own the big picture.

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